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Brotherhood System:

The Brotherhood System is the unification of players in a generic community of interconnected, unique in the MuOnline world.
Create a Brotherhood can any player. After creating the Brotherhood, you remain in it forever!

To create a Brotherhood, 5-eye players (of any race) combined into a Party, you need to create a Personal Shop with the name of the future Brotherhood (Example: in our cases Legend MU). After that, the Head of the Party, concludes an agreement with (Force General) the location of Lorencia [113,120] later he unites you into a single fraternity, announcing the names of your fraternity in the Global!

Having created the Brotherhood, you open up a number of opportunities and privileges that will be effective only during the activity of all members of the fraternity.

+ 3% Ignore
+ 3% Double Damage
+ 50% Experience
+ 10% Damage
+ 10% Defense

Special Commands
Any member of the fraternity can use intrabrain teams

/brinfo - information on the composition of the fraternity.
/brteleport nick - brothers teleport to spot - (a spell in offux can not be teleported). Command is disabled
/broffexp - leave the spell to be pumped off (spell is worth the brothers swing). Command is disabled

Creating a bratherhood, you can not not how to break it, so be sure of the people you choose!