Server Rules

Make sure you play by the rules.


The next is not allowed:

1. Exploiting bugs

Exploiting any bugs in the game or website to gain an advantage or put others in disadvantage.

2. Impersonating Staff.

Attempting to mislead people into thinking you are a GM or any member of the staff.

3. Hacking / Threatening to Hack / Unlawful Activities.

Take unauthorised access to restricted areas of the server. Take unauthorised access to another player's game account. Using this game as a means of conducting unlawful activities. This covers a wide variety of possible crimes including hacking, phishing, using keyloggers, scamming.

4. Selling/Buying Items, Zen, Coins or Accounts for Cash, Cell Phone load or any other means.

All data contained on this server is property of NexusGames. You are not allowed to buy or sell from/to other players game items, Zen, Coins or accounts for real money. Any attempt to profit from being a player in Legend MU will not be tolerated.

5. Selling/Buying Coins for Zen, Jewels or any other means that might lead to scamming.

You are not allowed to buy or sell Coins from/to other players for in-game items or Zen. This also includes any item from the Premium Shop that needs to be 'Gifted'. Doing so might lead to scamming and it will not be tolerated.

6. Abuse of game files.

Use of 3rd party programs to alter the game or altering any game files without permission; this would include any trainers, memory hackers, editing of textures etc. Using the game files for anything other than their intended use; this includes taking our client files for use on another server, trying to use client files other than the ones available from this website on this server.

7. Stores Abuse.

You are not allowed to leave your stores in the same coordinates (2 or more visible on the screen), leave them far apart. Do not leave stores with the same names, e.g. Store01, Store02, Store03, etc. Your stores should wear/equip decent items (+7 at least). You are not allowed to block ways, entrances or NPC's. Failing to follow this stores regulations will result in 3 days ban for the first offence and permanent ban on the second offense.

Every sanction is up to the Administrators/GameMasters discretion and it might include IP/PC blocking. Breaking multiple rules may lead to greater sanctions. Player's record of past infractions will also be taken into consideration; characters on the same account will be recorded together.

Shop Rules:

1. All the sales are final.

We do not offer refunds nor exchange the Coins/items/boosters/memberships.

2. Transferring/Moving.

Transferring/moving purchased Coins/items/boosters/memberships to a different account is prohibited.

The Admins reserve their right to choose the persons that play on Legend MU.