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Version: Season XII
Experience: 120
Common drop: 75%
Maximum stats: 32,767 on each attribute.
Reset: 550/700 Levelup points
Grand reset: Reward 5,000 Wcoin + 5000 Levelup points (Stay after reset) maximum 5
Chaos machine:85% - 5%

Make reset:

Need Level: 400
Need Zen: 100,000 Zen! (After every Grand reset will be increase +10,000,000 Zen)
Maximum: 100
Levelup points: 550 (MG/DL 700) * Number of reset
Eventory: stays
Leveup points: Burns
Dark Lord Comand: Burns

Grand Reset:

Required level: 400
Required resets: 100
Required Zen: 50,000,000 Zen!
Reward #1 5,000 Wcoin
Reward #2 10,000 points (stay after resets)
Max grand resets: 5


/post 1 level is used for free
/str Strenght Gain
/agi Agility Gain
/vit Vitality Gain
/ene Energy Gain
/com Command Gain
/request: party or trade block (/request off და /request on)